Where to Find Producer Reports

Producers have access to several different reports to help track sales and contact consumers in the event of an inventory problem:
Web Order Summary
Exporting this list will give you access to the email addresses associated with each order, should you need to contact a customer regarding their order. Only the current cycle information will be exported.


Under your Producer tab, you have access to sales information that can be viewed or downloaded as a .csv file for your records:
Here you can see a short-term breakdown of your sales (up to 6 months) in-browser but you can download an expanded sales history as well. You can see the quantity of items you’ve sold per 2 week cycle as well as a dollar amount of sales per item.
Exporting these files will generate a .csv file that can be opened in Excel or similar software and saved for your records.
For a longer sales history (up to the last 12 cycles), you can go to individual items in your product catalog and click “history”:
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The following page cannot be exported, but provides customer information and sales data for the last 12 cycles, as well as sales numbers.
If you would like to see all your producer data in one place you can find all your data in the Open Reports Table on your Producer Account tab.

Producer Invoices

All your Producer Invoices can be found on the main page of your Producer Account. This is is where each shopping cycle’s orders will be visible once the items are checked in at producer drop-off. This allows you to see your earnings per cycle.


Your records of all your IFC transactions are in a slightly different place. You’ll need to go to your “Member Account tab and from there you can see your transactions:
Here you can view and download a .csv report. Note: If you are also a member who shops at the co-op, there will be those transactions as well.
An example of an exported transaction report:
Understanding your transactions report:
The amount of $ brought in from products sold onsite during the days the IFC is open to the public.
The amount of $ from the two-week cycle websales
The amount of $ total earnings for the cycle, which comes to you as a check from the co-op.
Any adjustments to earnings, such as occasions where an item might be refused by a customer
Member transactions: If you are a producer who is also a member shopping with us, your transactions will all be visible on one sheet.
Note: It is also very important to identify yourself as a producer to on-site staff when you’re picking up your order during distribution or shopping onsite. Most producers prefer to pay for purchases rather than having the cost deducted from their earnings, so it is important to let staff know that you want to pay for your purchases on-site so they can take payment appropriately.
You’ll also be able to see additional data, such as the amount of co-op fees added to each transaction and any relevant tax.

Advanced Producer Reports

All of your sales data can now be found by opening the reports tab at the bottom left of your Producer Account page
Once you open the reports table you can export data or sort data right in the app for quick answers to any questions. You can filter data for a specific item or customer. You can click on the column header to sort by specific topic, choose the number of lines you want to see, etc.
Click the top right button to provide feedback: This is a new feature so let us know how it works for you!