Shopper Notes

What is a shopper note? Shoppers may add special request/customization “notes” to their product orders. From your Producer Account tab click your producer inventory link to view and manage notes. If you can accommodate the note, you may leave it as it is. If you cannot accommodate the note, simply click the “deny” button. The shopper will be notified and given the choice to delete the item or buy it without their customization.

Click the Producer Inventory link to view shopper notes; you are able to deny shopper notes until you deliver products. If you cannot fulfill a shopper’s request, hit the deny button next to the note; then scroll to the bottom of the page to hit Save. This will generate a message on the shopper side that looks something like this:

If you can fulfill the request in the note, a customized label will be generated for items with shopper notes. Please make sure the correct label is on the special-request product.

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