Product Delivery

It is essential to watch your email for any changes in hours of operation, but for right now you can drop off your products on distribution Tuesday from 3-6 pm & on distribution Wednesday from 8 am-6 pm. We often expand our hours later in the summer months.

If you do not deliver products by the end of the delivery window, they will be marked truant and out of stock. We will no longer allow any exceptions to this rule!

A staff member will check your products in using a scanner and laptop.

You may deliver products multiple times during the delivery window.

Upon product delivery, your producer invoice will be available to view in your Producer Account Tab and will show your earnings (payable in the next cycle’s paycheck).

Your check from the previous cycle will be available for pick-up at this time.

Please bring any on-site items during this time as well. For details and instructions on selling products on-site please consult the next section.

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