Reasons to join the co-op

When you buy through the Iowa Food Co-op you are supporting the health of your community, the environment, and yourself.
It’s convenient! Every two weeks you shop online with access to local, seasonal products from across the state of Iowa. All the food is aggregated for you and offered at a variety distribution sites in the greater Des Moines area plus home delivery
It’s fresh! Producers harvest your produce just a few days before you pick up your items so everything is super fresh! This means your produce will last longer and that means less wasted food for you.
It’s healthy! Fresh food means more nutrient dense food! Not only is our food fresh but our producers grow, raise and make their products with care and consideration. Producers have a variety of third party certifications such as Certified Organic while others explain their practices in their producer profile. We encourage our customers to get to know their producers and ask questions!
We keep your dollars local! Producers are able to set their own prices so they get a fairer wage for their hard work. Less middlemen means a greater percentage of your dollars go directly to the producer. Producers are all Iowa based and many are rural, so that means more money staying in our communities!
It’s personal! Read about producer’s through their producer profile and learn exactly where your food is coming from and how it was grown, raised or made. You can also contact producers with questions or special instructions for your order.
When you come to pick up your order we offer friendly, personal service. (Maybe an interview blurb here about the personal, friendly feel of the pick up process).
It’s a cooperative community! Our members and producers are invested in the Iowa Food Co-op through board representation and our annual meeting. We care about our customers and pride ourselves on a warm, welcoming experience when you come pick up your food. It’s not just shopping, it’s a community!
It’s sustainable! When you support local producers using regenerative farming practices you support a system that uses less carbon by reducing food miles and supports cleaner water, better soil and increased biodiversity.
Since producers only bring to the shop exactly what is ordered there is no wasted, unsold food.
It’s unique! We carry a variety of unique handmade items and foods that can't be found anywhere else. We are a great spot to shop for gifts!
Join us! You can try the Iowa Food Co-op twice before becoming a member! Give it a try, we believe you’ll love all our community has to offer!
Follow @iowafoodcoop and/or @cultivatefoodconnections on Instagram for educational posts about the importance and benefits of a local food system!
Did you know…40 million tons of food is wasted in the US alone each year? 30% of the food found in grocery stores contributes to this waste. Food waste has astounding environmental and economic repercussions. At the IFC we've created a model to help eliminate food waste, with only 0.001% of food wasted each cycle. When the shopping cart closes, every producer is notified of the exact amount ordered. Producers only supply us with what members ordered, creating virtually zero food waste. We also stock a small amount of perishable foods onsite that gets sold out most weeks.
While most retailers buy products at wholesale prices and profit off high markup percentages the IFC keeps our fees low so more money goes back to the producer. Each producer sets the price for their products, and instead of a hidden markup, we aim for transparency by adding a standard separate fee. The 15% co-op fee is added to your purchase total each cycle and can be viewed on the shopping cart member tab. These fees are what keep the IFC in operation and support the broader working of building our local food economy.
Note for EBT users: If you are currently collecting EBT benefits, we offer fee-free shopping for you. You must provide us with a picture of your EBT card showing the full number and your name for verification and then our staff can put your account in EBT status for you.