The Shopping Cycle

The online shopping cart is open for one week at a time. After the cart closes your orders are sent to producers who then harvest, pack and deliver your items to us so we can get your orders ready for pick up at the end of that week. That’s some very fresh food! After you pick up your items the cart re-opens that following Sunday at noon and on it goes.
If you need a reminder about which stage of the cycle we are currently in you can find the details at the top of the home page or take a look at the Shopping Calendar. Just set a reminder on your calendar or phone and you’ll be in the rhythm in no time.
You can continue to add items to your cart throughout the week until midnight on the Sunday at the end of the shopping cycle. It’s a good idea to check back periodically throughout the week as sometimes products get added during the cycle! If you have a specific request about an item you can add a note directly to the producer using shopper notes. After the cart closes, you cannot add or remove items from your cart. At this stage there is no “check out” process however you are committing to pay for your items at pick up time.
Once the cart closes, the producers will be able to see your shopper notes and begin fulfilling your order. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances like an unexpected weather event, an item that you’ve placed in your cart may become unavailable.
While you have committed to paying for the items you get, the cart is simply an estimate of your total. Your total at pickup takes into account things like the final weight of a cut of meat or produce that didn’t make it after an unexpected frost. After the items have been scanned out, a final invoice will be generated and that is what you will be charged.