Accessing Your Member Information

To reduce waste and use less paper we are making your records as a shopper easily available online. Details are outlined below.
In this shopping cart app you have access to four important pages:
  • Your Shopping Cart
  • Your Invoice
  • Your Balance Due
  • Your Payment Options
To open your SHOPPING CART, click the Cart button in the top left corner.
You can look at your current shopping cart from the time the cart opens until the cart reopens again at which point your old cart is erased. If an item that you ordered goes out of stock (OOS) while the cart is open or before a producer completes delivery to IFC, you will see that indicated by OOS in the shopping cart. Occasionally a producer doesn’t deliver a product or it gets rejected by IFC. If this occurs, this status will not be noted in your cart but it will be noted on your invoice in the OOS column.
If you ever want to look at your shopping history and transactions, you can see all of that information stored under the “member” tab.
Click Shopper invoices in the Billing area to open your INVOICE. All of your invoices are stored here.
Your invoice is finalized when all the items you will be receiving are checked out. This check out process generates your invoice for products you actually receive each cycle. If you pick up at Franklin, your invoice is generated when you arrive. If you pick up at a satellite or get home delivery, the invoice is generated when your order is packed.
If you ordered an item with variable weight, the actual weight and price will be on your invoice.
If something did not arrive as expected, you will see that item marked as OOS on your invoice (this is not reflected in your shopping cart). You will also receive an email before noon on Thursday that this item was not delivered as expected so you can make plans as needed.
Click Transactions in the Billing area to see a complete record of all charges, credits, debits, and payments made on your account.
We hope these features make it easy and convenient to access all the information you need as a member of The Iowa Food Cooperative! Questions? Please reach out to [email protected].